Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beginning of Summer Iphone Dump:)

Carson managed to catch a frog for Madeline.....
she was so excited....
until we had to have a burial a few days later!

I have no idea why I was getting this look lol!!

Janie "hanging" with John David and John Parker

John David got contacts today, he could not get over the fact that he can see so well without glasses!!

Jenn thinks this should be our Christmas card for next year...
here's hoping that Allie can pull it off...
makes me laugh out loud picturing all of us screaming and running!!!

Happy Summer....
we have already had a super busy week with swim team ect
and the house is a total wreck
whoooo hooooo:)


  1. Happy Summer Time!!!!!!! Your girls are just beautiful Paige, and John David cracks me up with his facial expressions in yalls pics. The difference between boys and girls amazes me. LOL

  2. Have a great summer back! Love the wedding photo! Poor frog!

  3. Lol...makes me laugh too!! Allie's probably mad she didn't think of doing this at her wedding :)
    Love the fun pics!!

  4. I AM mad I didn't do that for my wedding! Totally kicking myself right now.