Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Birthday My Janie Jane.....

Today marks Janie's 5th birthday and second one home. She is so excited about her day!!! We have many plans or should I say SHE has many plans:). She wants Gardner to come and take her to lunch at Zaxby's with Kendyl and "no Mommy" haha!! I guess that will give me time to go to the grocery and get her requested menu for dinner. Ma Kitty and Grandpa Jim are getting in town in the afternoon and celebrating Janie's birthday with us, she is so excited! More to come after her big celebration.....

Janie we love you so much and are so blessed by you!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Janie!!!!!!! I can't believe this time last year we had both only been home a couple months with our sweet girls. So sad we missed meeting in Guanghou. :)Hope she has a VERY VERY special day!!!!!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Precious Janie!!!!!!!

    You are SO LOVED!!

    Miss Di

  3. Five!!! Oh my goodness! Happy Belated Birthday!