Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day....

Once again Hank treated us to a great lunch downtown..
it was so nice to have Julianne here this year as well,
and to have us all together on a special day for this Mom!
When 10 people are involved it is a huge score to be able to get us all together:)

I really can't believe I have 6 kids plus my son and daughter in law!
This is what God means by a full quiver... I am so blessed by each one of them!

The many faces of Janie....LOL

OK enough of that...haha
I have more!!

check out Madeline's groovy necklace!
I think it is one of Ma Kitty's old ones for dress up,
Madeline is convinced it is a Jasmine collectors item:)

John David is surprised by Madeline's hug:)

Janie's pose by the horse
this girl is a riot!!

I promise we were watching her!

Who do you think is the clown of this family????

closeup of "the Jasmine" necklace:)

Sometimes I forget how worried I was about Janie the entire time we waited for her,
I thought she was such a sad, reserved little girl......
I'm thinking the joke is on me:)


I am so thrilled I caught this one...
Madeline grabbed Janie and put her arm around her....
all those months last year that I wondered if this would ever happen....
this Mom is so very thankful!

I will finally get around to posting John David's 5th grade speech,
Madeline's Mother's Day program
and Gardner's graduation from graduate school...
yes all from this past weekend!!!
crazy times:)


  1. It looks like you had an amazing day! Happy Mother's Day! Beautiful photos!

  2. Love it! Love all of Janie's faces :) And I see they got new dresses! ;)
    The group pic is glad you decided to wear sunglasses this time! lol...I looked at that picture in front of the China Sea the other day and laughed out loud! :)
    Glad you had a great Mother's Day! You deserve it!!

    1. haha!! Did you notice Janie's head buried in my shoulder? She is smarter than her mother, the sun was in her eyes haha!!

  3. Love all the pictures. Your family just has so much JOY!!

  4. … that 6th solo shot of Janie is an absolute fav! I may or may not have saved it on my phone for when I need a good laugh :) and that solo shot of John David… I think he was doing the "Janie lip" P.S. can I have Madeline's hair?!