Friday, June 7, 2013

A Little Time With M.....

Janie fell asleep on the way home today so Madeline let me take a few pics of her. I have not played with my camera since I got home from China.

my sweet friend Lori made this dress for Madeline (and one for Janie too) 
I finally got one of these girls outside for a pic!!
.....I love this dress, so very precious!!

Madeline and her Daddy found a nest abandoned.....
they have kept it in the garage all winter

inspecting the egg...

oh those eyes!!!

we came back inside to find Janie sleeping away....

oh those lips!!!


  1. LOVE her sweet smile!!! When she smiles like this...her eyes light up!!
    Nature lover...just like Kati!! Her dress looks Great on her! Thanks for sharing pics!!

  2. I love those times when I get to dote on just one blessing for a minute.. Love the pics Paige. She is such a beauty!!!
    I think she was born to wear braids... They look amazing on her!!!

    Another cool day, and we are off to grad parties!!!


  3. Love every one of these!! She is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the hair in her sweet!!!

  4. WOW! Paige, those pics are gorgeous!!!!