Friday, June 21, 2013

Another Fish In Our Family....

Janie participated in her first swim meet last night. Her coach told her the day before that she was ready and ready she was!! We had our first meet a few weeks ago and only John David was competing. When Janie saw that the little ones were getting ribbons she turned to me and said "hey, I want to do that too, I told you that". She has asked her coach every practice if " I can do a meet yet?" She was so excited before we left for the meet.....

Oh my goodness, I can so see her as a teenager in this pic!!!

John David walking her to warm up...

turning in her card for the ribbon...

She got 6th place and was so excited to get her ribbon...
Madeline has been somewhat intimidated with the whole meet thingy 
just watched Janie in a state of disbelief...
kind of "and why do you like this so much???'
She said to Janie "but that is last place"
Janie's response, "It's pink"
sooooooo funny!!!

finishing back stroke:)

that teeny tiny body getting out of the pool!

this picture is blurry but it captures her look right as she got out of the pool:)
she always has a smile on her face!

2nd ribbon....
nuff said

breast stroke

and 3rd ribbon..

Everyone who really knows me knows that I love swimming.....
I really can't believe that God called me to THIS child only
AND she loves swimming....
God is all about those little bitty details isn't He??
I am amazed......
this sad little girl I was hauntingly drawn to...
He knew all along...
amazing is the only word that adequately describes such a thing as this.


  1. That last part brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful. How awesome is that - another swimmer! Loved seeing this pictures!

  2. Beautiful! She is so incredibly happy - it is delightful to see!!! Love it!

  3. LOVE this post!! I don't comment on your blog but I do follow. :) I'm from Jackson, MS but live in Arlington, VA with my 9 year old from Shaanxi, China. Janie's comment to her sister about it being pink made me laugh out loud! And then the rest of the post... icing on the cake!

    Way to go Miss Janie!!

  4. Janie is SO darling. I love how proud she looks with her ribbons. Hard to believe that she is only five years old and she is competing in swim meets!