Saturday, June 29, 2013

Still a Few Crazies......

Yep, still a few crazies among us. I was looking through my iphone pics of the week and had to laugh. I truly think of our family as "normal" but normal we are not which is apparent in random pics on my phone!

Janie got "dressed" while Gardner was babysitting the other day and this is what she came up with... Gardner was trying to have a conversation with her and made her take of the glasses so he could at least talk without laughing:)

crazy hat day at VBS

Janie playing with her new friend Hadleigh waiting on her race at a meet...
it started lightening shortly after this picture and the meet was delayed for 20 minutes..
Janie wanted to stay seated and wait until it started again so I went to get some food.
The meet was then cancelled so Hank went to get her, she had her crooked mouth look and Hank asked her if she was scared since it was very windy......
her response, "no, I want to swim" :)

ready for crazy hair day

Madeline had to take this picture for Daddy because he loves Jeeps, not this particular kind but of course he did not tell her that!
We have been playing "Bingo", whoever spots a yellow car gets a point...
Janie yells "Mango" every time!
We all think it is so funny since she loves yellow mangoes...
we figure she thinks we are all kinda dumb calling those cars "bingo"s,
what is a bingo anyway?????

play date with Carson,
I love how Janie is a blur since she is ALWAYS in constant motion!!:)

No telling what next week will bring!


  1. LOVE every single photo! I KNOW EK would love to swim on a team until they told her they had to WRITE on her arm or back~ FREAK out I am sure. :) Blessings and love!

  2. This made me laugh out loud!!! That first Janie pic is hysterical!!! What a hoot! And I don't think there's anything cuter than that little round face with a swim cap and goggles on!! LOVE!!!

  3. Love all your cute pics. They are too funny. Thanks for praying for our Cora. :) Janie looks like quite the little ham of the family. :)