Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer of Swimming......

Last summer was our summer of whining so this summer I decided we did not need a repeat of last summer so ALL the kids are swimming on the swim team. John David is swimming on 2 teams:). So far  the girls love it. They are both learning so fast......Janie of course is cracking us up!! She says she wants to swim like John David, no fear in this girl. Madeline of course is fearful of anything new and I am so very proud of her. She is doing so well......I think having her sister there is a huge help. The contrast from last summer is huge. Madeline was so fearful of giving up her place as the baby to her sister, now she is beginning to find her place in our family. Oh how I love these girls, craziness and all!!

Here is some of the crazy:). Lauren texted this pic to me tonight ( she saved my life today helping with all the schedule technicalities!!)
Madeline showing Lauren her "big eyes" haha
John David is so funny in the background "just a day in the life" look!

well Janie could not be outdone and had to send Laurnen her "big eyes"
bless her heart, she was trying so hard to make those "big eyes" haha!!

John David had a meet tonight for Collierville and was pleased with all his times. I can't believe I did not bring my camera since I can get much better pics outdoors, but the iphone will have to do!

he rocked his 50 butterfly and 100 free
but does not want to go to practice tomorrow:)

China pose

Some random pics I have on my phone!

Who knew you could leave your ID at the grocery so you can take the shopping cart to your apartment????

This Aston Martin was near Julianne's apartment and I had to send a pic to John David:)

Tyler sure makes a pretty girl:). He lets Carson "dress" him haha!

Janie jumping off the board at swimming lessons yesterday....
yes they are taking lessons as well,
we were already signed up before we decided to do the whole swim team thingy
so....just one more thing added to the week!
their teacher teaches safety which is not taught at swim practice,
I don't think they can be taught too much safety!

Summer of swimming it is!! They swam at 3 different pools today. Yes, I am tired but not tired of whining! It's all good:)


  1. I hope your summer is a success! I totally understand the whining. Keep them busy sure helps. Today, I saw the funniest thing. There were a bunch of magpies around our chairs. The children had dropped some popcorn and the birds where hungry. There was a mama bird with it's baby tagging along and the whole time the baby was squawking. So it just shows you we aren't the only mama's that have to endure the complaining.

  2. Love it! We are having a "pool" summer too. Not swim teams, but we've been at the pool everyday. Otherwise, they're driving all of us crazy at home :) We're all going to be rockin' some crazy tans by the time school starts!! lol...
    Miss you!!!!