Saturday, June 1, 2013

Who Needs Furniture????

Julianne and I traveled to Chicago this morning to get her settled into her studio apartment. For the past few days she has said she is nervous that we will walk in and there won't be any furniture in her "furnished" apartment. I have not given it much thought at all other than "they said it is, so it will be" Ha!

I am really quite proud of this girl. She did not panic, just said "I knew it". So off we went back downstairs to talk with the manager. They had it cleared up in minutes, were very apologetic and said it would be ready by tomorrow at 12:00. Sure enough we came back by around 4:00 and she already has a bed:)

Here are a few comments from her super supportive family back home

You can see how worried they are for her can't you???? I for one am glad I did not react until we talked to the manager, it has been a non issue and made for some great laughs. I have to say I am very thankful that I am with my original baby as she moves to this awesome city for the next few months. 

We sent this to Hank since he was worried that she may not get her luggage since we checked in 55  minutes before her flight departure instead of his minimum check in time of 90 minutes prior to boarding. I'm telling you we were living on the EDGE checking in that close to departure!!!
I think Hank will start sweating just reading this:)

a panoramic view of the room.... just does not do this little 200 square foot room justice. It is very spacious without furniture, yes I'm being sarcastic:)

All kidding aside, it is very nice and in a great area!!!

but who cares.....
she gets to work here
and is ready and willing to take on this adventure!

I can't believe my baby is living in Chicago!!!
It has been so much fun spending time with her!!


  1. How exciting! A new chapter in her life. My kids go to Lurie to see Frank Vicari's cleft lip/palate team. What will she be doing for the next four months?

  2. I'm so excited for her! Although I wish you were moving her down here!!!!! :). She's going to have so much fun!!

  3. First-we wre in the Chicago airport Saturday!

    Second-what an amazing adventure! The apt is way nicer than some places I lived-furniture or no furniture! Lol

  4. Amazing story and glad it is getting taken care of. I'm sure she will love her new adventure!!! Blessings and love! PS LOVED the texts!!!!!

  5. She's going to love it here!!

  6. OMG - I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!! Julianne must have been feeling so loved from all of that TN support she got!!!! Thank goodness she was with you!!!! You will forever laugh about your weekend... Who cares.. She is in Lincoln Park, and she has a BED!!! And a bathroom.. (And it is not a squatty potty!!!!) Enjoy my old stomping grounds... I am now sending this link on to two Mama's that spend some time at that awesome hospital!!!!! Good luck Julianne! You are going to be the best Childlife Specialist Intern EVER!!!!! Hoping to see you in August!

    Love, Diana

  7. PS: Super funny that Hank Wright was more concerned about her luggage arriving than NO place to put it all!!! HaHa!!!!!