Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chicago (day2)

                        ONE great smile of Madeline!!!

I did not take as many pictures yesterday but we had a great time. The morning was spent at the American Girl store and then we headed to my high school friend Terri's house for the afternoon, went to the beach and enjoyed catching up.

                                          Madeline would NOT cooperate for pics but had a wonderful time!!

                                                       Bow Power!!!

                         John David won't admit it but the food was pretty cool!

Hank had to keep trying to be serious but kept laughing!

                                         This is Janie's "patient face"! We told her she was going to have to be patient and stop asking "when are we there yet?" She said "Hey Juju, this is my patient face", she cracks us up!!

  John David and the girls had a great time at the beach, I forgot my phone back at the house so I missed taking some pics. We love the beach here and are thinking about taking our vacation next year at the lake instead of the ocean!

I took a pic of this pic so horrible quality and glare but had to share. We all go way way back to elementary and middle school! Terri is 3rd from the right and thankfully I'm about glared out!
Terri lives in an awesome neighborhood in Wilmette just blocks from Lake Michigan.


  1. FUN DAY for your precious girls!!! If you find a great place to stay near the lake, let me know?!!!

  2. Hank and JD with daisies in their ears eating heart shaped cake cracks me up! What great guys to accompany the girls to the American Girl store for lunch.

    (Wilmette is so beautiful... my college boyfriend lives there and it makes me wish I had married him, haha!)