Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's Been A While......

Life has been summer crazy.....finishing up swim meets, moving all our furniture out of the downstairs, refinishing floors, staying in hotels......just crazy normal stuff. The most important bit of news is that Janie had her urodynamic testing and it was NORMAL! We are seeing a doctor locally now and really like him. He was very thorough and believes for now that she will be able to have urodynamic testing every 2 years and a renal ultrasound yearly along with an MRI to make sure her spinal cord has not retethered. As long as she is not showing any change in urinary habits she is good to go. We are so thankful for this news!!! This time last year we were concerned that we may need to start catheterizing in the future, many prayers have been answered. Hank was right on the money regarding her tethered cord thankfully.

John David finished his swim season with his yearly swim league on Sunday. He had a great meet and was happy with all of his times. As the years go by he is wanting that first place more and more:). He had some close races, it is so much fun to watch!

50 fly, got 2nd by a second

ready for 100 free

checking out his place and time

he was a little slower than his best time but did not care with 1st place:)

50 back

he was happy with his time since it was his best so far...

200 free

man this one was so close!!

2nd place by .22 seconds...
I think this is his best time as well

Now on to summer club swim!
We had our last meet last night and have city meet next weekend.
Janie swam her last race...
and John David won all of his races winning a "triple winner" award!
All the kids want this badly:)
Last night was John David's last chance so he was very excited when he did!
It was a great night, yes I'm such a swim mom!!

each child gets a triple winner cap when they win

all the kids getting ready to push Coach Justin in after winning the meet:)

John David coaching Janie before her race. I happened to look down the pool and saw them together, he is such a sweet big brother!!

Getting ready to dive:)
 Janie's favorite stroke is free just like her brother's

watching Janie swim:)

What a cutie!!

first ribbon of the night

triple ribbons:)

We have had a great swim season...
It's a good thing I love swimming so much because it has been a lot with John David swimming both leagues and all three on the club league....whew!!
I am so thankful that Janie has loved it so much!
Madeline tolerated it and became a much better swimmer:)

We are off to Chicago in the morning to visit my original baby!!!!
I sure have missed her and can't wait to have some time with her!!!
Gardner and Kendyl get to come with us too so it should be a lot of fun.
Allie and Eric can't join us because they are in Germany for a friend's wedding and then on to France, can't wait to see those pics!!!!


  1. These are great! I love the one of JD watching Janie swim...he's so proud! Have fun in Chicago!! I know you will ;)

  2. So happy for John David! All his hard work between his two leagues has paid off :)

  3. Congrats to John David!! Cute picture of Janie in her goggles. I am so happy she got good news from the doctor!!

    I am going to Chicago this weekend, too. The temperatures will much cooler after a hot spell this week, so that will be nice for you visit.

  4. How fun!! Kate is dying to do swim next year!! We'll finally be where we can!! This summer is crazy w/China & moving to AL. Can't wait to get all settled in with the new little guy!! I love the pic of John David watching his sis swim! So cute!! :)