Saturday, August 17, 2013

First Day of Ballet!

One thing Janie has talked about for a LONG time is wanting to take ballet. She dances around constantly and acts just like Angelina much so that I have been worried that she would be disappointed in a "real" class. She was somewhat, hmmmm what is the word????? oh yeah BRATTY.....:) before we left, her tights were "botering me", did not want to wear her shoes, generally grumpy!! Well, thankfully that all changed when we walked into the studio. She loved it, came out of the room all smiles:)

ready to go.....

after class
all smiles:)

playing with Chris this afternoon,
she "taught" him how to ride the scooter
Julianne is in town for a wedding shower and her birthday:)

these cuties were in the field right next to me when I went on a run today!

they never ran sweet!


  1. Oh my goodness, Janie looks absolutely adorable in her leotards! My two and a half year old sings and dances at every opportunity. I don't want to rush things (want to treasure every single moment!) but I am so looking forward to when she too is old enough for dance class. This season is parent and tot gymnastics! ;-)

  2. So cute that Janie shows interest in and embraces different activities... first swimming and now ballet! What a wonderful quality... it will enrich her life. She is so sweet in her ballet outfit with that darling "ballerina" purse.

  3. Janie looks adorable. I have thought about ballet for Mia but she is soooooo set in her ways I wasn't sure. LOL

  4. She is a darling ballerina!!