Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy Birthday JuJu ~LATE!

My original baby turned 22 on the 15th! We were lucky that she got to come home for the weekend, for her birthday and for a friend's bridal shower. We celebrated for lunch on Sunday before she had to catch her flight back and of course I did not get many pics.......but that will change soon when I start playing with my camera again with the extra time I will have with kids in school:)~ by the way I feel like a new person with 2 days playing catch up.....even cooked 2 nights in a row whooo hoooo!

Moooooom, stop taking my picture!

Happy birthday sweet Julianne
we can't wait for you to come home next month!!!

crack me up....

oh this her so!

Another fun thing I get to do with kids in school is catch up with my bigs!!
I finally went downtown to file for Janie's social security card (yes a year later)
and met up with Allie for lunch!!!
I scare myself.....
and I'm really just over all the wrinkles...
there is not enough filler for all those haha!

Tomorrow I'll post about our sweet Janie and the difference a year makes.....

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