Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"I Running Away!"

It took until the 6th child to finally hear this....

We are having a nice afternoon at home, Madeline in school, John David home sick. I ask Janie if she would like to swim for a bit...."Yay" she says.....I tell her to go get her bathing suit in the laundry room....she proceeds to say "no you get it" to which I oblige and hand it to her. She drops it and follows me to the kitchen. I tell her once again to go get her suit on....once again she says "no you get it". Well being the smart Mom that I am, I say what I should have said the first time "nope, you go and get it, plus I don't think I have heard a please". Let me just say that did not go over very well lol! She finally decided that I was not going to get  her suit again and did put it on. I thought all was well in the world again......Nope again!

She comes around the corner, in her suit, and says "I running away since you didn't get my suit". My response I think was somewhat like "good luck with that girlfriend".......her response.....she walks right out that door....and slams it I might add! Oh my I am dying laughing at this point and yell up to John David what is going on.....he yells back "Mom, go follow her cause she is the kind of girl who will follow through with it!"Too funny!!

I follow her out and sit on the steps watching her. She STOMPS down that driveway! I sit and wait to see how far she will go....she disappears around the corner by our mailbox.....

Disclaimer: we live at the very end of a dead end so don't send me hate messages:)

I sneak through the front yard to our neighbors so I can see the street, all the while wondering what she will do.....still laughing though! I watch and watch and she does not appear ( I am hiding behind a tree....I know, I need to grow up and get a life). I look back to the driveway and she is SLOWLY walking back down it and spots me. She turns right back around! Oh my word she is such a mess!! Finally she just sits down in the middle of the driveway, you know.... all dejected and disappointed with her grand plan. I sit next to her and she will not speak to me for 10 full minutes, pretty hard core if you ask me! Finally she looks at me and says "can we swim now?" "Sure Janie" I tell her. She grabs my hand and all is well in the world again. A day in the life of Janie Jane.....


  1. Oh, my to be a fly on one of those trees along side your driveway!!! Hilarious that John Davis was giving advice that Janie might actually follow through with her threat!! She cracks me up! your Disclaimer!!!


  2. I think we have all had moments like this!

  3. How cute! So funny! My daughter is the same way. She hasn't done the running away thing yet, but she is SO sassy. I'm sure it will come eventually.

  4. Oh my goodness! I would have responded in a similar manner. Something like, "I'll pack you a lunch, what would you like?" Love it! She is a little firecracker!

  5. I guess she "showed you"! Hilarious!!! That picture above is priceless!! Oh my... those "chubby little cheeks"!

  6. I absolutely love this story! It's the kind you'll be telling at her wedding!