Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It Happened!!!

it has finally started to click with this child
she started counting....

and cutting.....
hair that is
her own and her dog's

certainly she can eat...

she can pose like no one's buiness

we've seen that she can write...
on the wall

and now this gorgeous girl can read
a little more easily
with confidence 
(none of that painful pausing every other word that makes her mother want a glass of wine)
gone are the arguments about reading...

two weeks ago the reading time went to her Daddy
(Mom basically threw in the towel due to before mentioned arguing)

I'd love to say I was one of those Mom's who loves to teach children to read..
but I am not that Mom.
I love to read, I read every single day of my life, can't go to sleep if I don't read...
I love that my children love to read...
so explain to me why it is SO painful for me to sit through 20 minutes of reading struggles???

What I do know is that she is beginning to enjoy it just.a.little
and that is enough for me...

my hat is off to my husband
who sat through these past 2 weeks of reading
without one sigh
or complaint...

I think it is kind of like when someone has been working and working and working on that stuck lid
hands it to another person who just snaps that lid off
(I might add)
I just got her ready to bloom in that reading
just sayin....

Five down...
One to go...


  1. Yay for the reader. Truly when they read their world opens wide open. What a blessing and yes, you laid the foundation. Rejoicing with you!!! Xoxo

  2. Such a blessing to watch them read, especially when they've struggled with speech!!! Like Shay said, opens up a whole new world for her and you!!!

  3. We are in the "reading phase" here as well. We are in the throes of spelling test and the word "THOUGH" has stomped her for quite awhile. She would pronounce itas THOU, TOUGH or THOFF. I stressed that although the "GH" is silent, she MUST remember to always INCLUDE it when "spelling it". After many reminders about "THAT WORD" she finally got it downpat...almost a little TOO GOOD that is!

    *Now to the even BETTER PART of the STORY*

    During church one past Sunday, I was showing her how to follow along w/the Pastor, by pointing to each word in the passage. When our Pastor got to the word "thou" and pronounced it as THOU... she exclaimed loudly. No sir!! That is INCORRECT...that is THOUGH!!! That's okay...because God misspelled it!!

    Granted I was happy she FINALLY got the pronunciation/spelling down to a "T".., HOWEVER...I almost melted thru the pew...despite the very loud laughter from the Pastor and the parishionors.

  4. PS Only wish she was as QUIET(that particular Sunday) as the "GH" was in the word "THOUGH"!! Ha!!!

  5. So funny! I agree about the reading torture...and I was a first grade teacher!!!!! So happy daddy was willing to help out and it's working!! Yay Madeline!!! So proud of you!!!

  6. Two words.... WOO HOO!!!!

    P.s: Can I borrow Hank?


  7. Congratulations sweet girl!! And good job passing the torch to Hank mama :)

  8. I know you are so proud and you are not alone!!! I handed a book off to Ryan one night mid way through (what was supposed to be a short book;). I was like "Alright your turn, I'm done" There are few things more painful. LOL. And she is so gorgeous! :)