Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Camera Still Works.....

I finally got my camera out today and realized I have not charged the battery since we went to Chicago! The summer got to be slightly overwhelming over here and my camera lost its appeal. It felt so good to play with it again today for the few minutes I did:)


by the way I just realized her swim bottoms are on backwards LOL!

I didn't focus on her face well but I love this pic anyway:)

when I look at this I feel like I can see into her heart and soul...

and she looks much older than her 6 years....
she is hitting those years that all the baby look is totally gone.

those eyes checking out her sister....

too many pics of these 2 together but I could not choose:)


  1. They are precious!!! LOVE them all! And I know what you mean about the camera~ my phone has seen WAY more action than my camera. :) XOXO

  2. Cute sister shots. Madeline is looking so grown up. Look at those long legs! She is a beauty.