Friday, October 25, 2013

An Afternoon With My Janie Jane!!

So I finally got my camera out!!!....... and Janie was a willing participant whoo hooo!!! We had such a nice afternoon just the 2 of us. She has matured so much in the past year, she is thriving in her new school and classroom. We so love our Janie Jane and are very thankful for her. When I think about her I immediately smile......or roll my eyes!

Just a "few" pics from out little photo shoot:)

faking being asleep so we could stop....
she is hilarious...
and gorgeous...
and a mess....
and so very special!


  1. She is such a joy everyday I see her!!

  2. Still can't believe this is the same child!!! Boy did she have us all fooled! What a hoot she is & BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. Love me some Janie Jane. When I think of when I first was spending time with her and she had only been with y'all about 5 months… compared to my time spent with her more recently/all the stories I get to hear about her… she HAS grown and flourished so much! That goofy, teeny, 5 yr old has changed my heart for the better! :)