Monday, October 7, 2013

Chickens and Scarecrow Day.....

I rarely get my camera out these days! One evening we were eating and the chickens were roaming the yard and looked so cute I had to take a few pictures.

Madeline loves Blackie!!! She cries for her when she is sad:)
I joke about these chickens all the time but it really is fun to have them around...
I've been known to be in the backyard and feel sorry for them and let them out to play:)

Madeline had "Scarecrow Day" at her school a few weeks ago. The kids get to make their own scarecrow and shop for clothes ect.

Mrs. Field reading a book about scarecrows...

these girls were totally into all the details!

Much discussion went on about that crown:)

Isn't she lovely????

They were so proud!

All the first graders squinting in the sun:)

Madeline and Carson were so excited that they had on the same outfit!

they look a little slap happy to me!


  1. Okay I love scarecrow day!!!!! How Awesome and fun!!!!!!!

  2. Such a FUN idea!!! Love it!!!