Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Annual Christmas PJ's.....

This years PJ's were chosen for Madeline. If you remember last year she refused to wear her Angry Birds pj's because they were not pink enough......she revolted. Well this year she was a happy camper, big kids?????? Well, they joined in on the fun......Allie not so much lol, here is her text message to all of us:)

I have to give it to Kendyl...
she sure does roll with all the silliness of our family haha!

happy girl!

the models

always the clown!


I think Gardner was growling like a cheetah
and Kendyl........hahahah!

oh and then the cheesiness took over!

Allie and Eric are such troopers
sending us a pic from Phoenix!

I know way too many pics but so much fun none the less!
This was the first year I did not buy pj's for myself and Hank...
we would not be caught dead in those:)

We sure are missing Allie and Eric this year!
It is all part of kids growing up, I know
exactly how God intends it to be.
Thankfully I am a brat right now and they all live in town!

Merry Merry Christmas!!!!


  1. Oh my! I love how much fun your family has....laughter and joy and so much humour! It's beautiful! And as parents to have all the kids wear the pjs, even the bigs, and not have them yourself. So perfect. I laughed out loud. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014!

  2. Lololol!!! These pics crack me up!! I'm thinking its not really fair that you didn't buy any for yourself and hank though!!!!

  3. So funny ... your kids are in good company!