Monday, February 10, 2014

Meet My New Niece.....

Our newest family member was in the arms of her Mommy and Daddy and brother very early this morning, 2:00 pm China time.....

Zachary looking out the window waiting on Zoe....

every single one of us adoptive mamas know exactly what Jo is feeling right here....ahhhh at last!

oh my goodness those cute little pigtails!

my sweet brother is probably a little shell shocked:)

these 2 sure have days and years ahead of them to get into many things together...

Zoe we have not met you yet but we love you dearly!!!
praying for her sweet little heart and mind as she adjusts to her new 
FOREVER family:)


  1. So precious - thanks for sharing and congratulations! Do they have a blog too?
    Many blessings, Cindy

  2. Oh Happy Day!!!!! One less orphan has a Forever Family. Love!!!!! We are LID today. Woohoo!!!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness! Beyond precious!!! Congratulations to your entire family!

  4. Oh my goodness is she sweet..... She IS a peanut!!! Congratulations to your brother and his family!!! One less!! PTL! Hugs!

  5. What a darling baby!!! Congrats and praying she bonds well to her sweet family! XOXO