Sunday, November 8, 2015

~It's All About Madeline~

This has not been the best year for our Madeline
lots that can't really be shared publicly
she is doing so much better
for that we are so thankful....
if I have to choose a word to describe her I'd say
(is that even a word?)
Sometimes our most difficult child to raise is loved in a deeper way
we are required to dig deep for this special child
she is worth every bit it takes
she has made me a better wife, mother, friend and confidant
I search for God in a deeper way because of her...
she is one special child

this afternoon she FINALLY agreed to let me take some pics of her
it has been a long long time
I did have to bribe but it was worth it:)

she can wear a messy bun like no one else in the world:)

part of the bribe was that she could bring her beloved stuffed animal

goodness those eyes!

my favorite one!!

waving bye bye and saying "I'm out of here" haha!

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