Saturday, July 8, 2017

~Camp Bear Track~

John David went back to Camp Bear Track for the past 2 weeks
goodness we missed him!!
he has not been since the summer before 7th grade because of summer swimming...
Hank and I were thrilled that he decided to not take swimming so seriously this summer and go to camp with his friends.
He had such a great time that he already says he is going again next summer:)

All these boys have been going every year except John David
he was so happy to be back!

my goodness they are so grown up!

they are assigned tribes that they remain in each year,
compete in their own Olympics
apparently it is a BIG deal!

of course John David swam!

and got first place haha

Thankfully they obeyed a mom ant took a cool pic the last day!

next year is the last year they can go as campers so they are all in for that :)

~Copy Cat, Corn Sales and Doodles~

Janie's favorite game with Carly is copy cat.....she is obsessed:)
and Carly is too sweet!

Madeline and Carson are totally into selling corn and lemonade after the big corn harvest...
Janie just tags along and is so happy to make a bit of money!

Evie officially weighs more than Goldbug now😵
Goldbug is still taller but Evie will pass her up on that as well...good thing she is perfect:)
this pic makes me laugh because it captures their personalities...
Evie posing and and interested, Godlbug crossing her paws giving me the "again? I'm just tolerateing her" look haha!

~4th of July~

The older I get it seems as if life flies from Christmas to the 4th of July
over and over again oh so quickly!

We swam all day
all the bigs came but Ju and Chris...working:(
plus lots of friends, so fun!!

Evie will always oblige for a pic

Thankfully Gardner and Kendyl brought fireworks because the city fireworks were canceled due to storms all around us:(
The kids had so much fun anyway!

rocket launcher aka empty wine bottle ha

these two hahaha

Carson and Janie will ALWAYS pose:)

Madeline tolerates me:)

We had such a nice day with our peeps!!
How is it that I never get any pics of the old people??? Next year!!!